Birthday cakes and more :)

Teddy Bear cake.

Music note cake.

Batman cake

Pikachu and Eevee

Pikachu and Eevee.

Power Rangers cake.


Cinderella cake.

Dragon cake.

Apple pie.          

                                                                 iPhone cake  

Ocean / beach cake :)

Wedding cake.

Strawberry-coconut mousse on vanilla sponge cake.

Vanilla and strawberry 

Just for MOM <3

Only Tinkerbell is missing ;)

"Angry Birds"  Marble cake with ganache filling.

How to Train Your Dragon.

Raffaello cake, second version.

Raffaello cake, second version.

Wedding cake. 

Creeper from Minecraft.

Chevy Pickup Truck

Double chocolate cake with snickers bars.

Chocolate cake

Raffaello cake

Angry Birds cupcaks.

Tiramisu B-cake :)